Stéphane Bazan

Stéphane Bazan is Head of Research and Education at KEEWARD, an accelerator for technology and media projects. He also is Head of Research in Web Science at Université Saint- Joseph Beirut. His main research interest is the Information Warfare on the Web in the Arab Near East. Stéphane coordinates the Web Science and Digital Economy Master Program at USJ - Beirut, is member of the Web Science Education Community, member of the board of the Internet Society – Lebanese Chapter and Head of the Open Data Initiative for Lebanon. He has organised Web Science Education Workshops in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and Web Science Cybercrime / Cyberwar Workshops in 2014.


Information Warfare on the Web in the Middle East

2.7. 9:00–10:00, room E 011

The talk will present 5 years of interdisciplinary research at Beirut’s Web Science Unit on the ongoing Information Warfare that takes place on the Web in the Middle East region. Information Warfare is one particular way to wage war in Cyberspace and is usually included in the larger concept of Cyberwarfare.

Researching Information Warfare requires mixing politics and sociology, communication and technology, in order to move from the global scale to the little stories behind every attack to understand strategies, motivation, timing and technicalities.

4 different regional contexts will be presented: The 2006 Lebanon War, the 2011 Syrian Civil War, the 2012 Gaza War and the more recent information warfare lead by the ISIS group.

The objective is to understand the nature and reality of Information Warfare on the Web, its strategic objectives, its actors and look at various methods to measure its impact, using the Web Science interdisciplinary approach.

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