Tracking GitHub developers on StackOverflow

Project description: 

Using the APIs of GitHub and Stackoverflow, we would like to perform data mining to see what GitHub developers are also active on StackOverflow and whether the activities on both networks correlate in some sense. On the Stackoverflow side, we may use its tagging and scoring system. The tags identify topics of interest. The scores can be considered a proxy for a developer's expertise for the topics. We may also use the post count for a topic instead of the score. On the GitHub side, we may use the commit messages (or the changed source code lines) to measure the relevance of Stackoverflow topics. A challenge is here that the Stackoverflow tags may not be immediately useful as search strings on GitHub. Eventually, we compare the scores or post counts for a topic with popularity of the topic on GitHub. A hypothesis may be that highly scoring topics on Stackoverflow are also popular on GitHub.

Required skills/disciplines: Data mining and social coding or open-source development