Social movement profiles

Project description: 

As it is known from social science research, societies or social groups can be classified and described by socio-structural characteristics.  Members of different social classes differ in the size of their income or in their particular kind of employment. Additionally, sociological research shows differences between members of different social classes relating to consumer and leisure behavior and distinctions in their taste – in other words: their overall life style. Furthermore, people from different social classes can be distinguished by their place of residence within a city as well. Once people can be distinguished by their residence, their favorite kind of food, the clothes they wear or by how and where they spend their leisure time; it should be possible to distinguish them by their concrete movement in their spatial environment.

With the help of conventional location services, which are available for every smart phone, individual profiles of movement can be retraced. Therefore, the assignment of this project will be, to develop a concept to analyze these movement profiles. Thus, an interdisciplinary composition of the team would be desirable, including social scientists as well as computer scientists and mathematicians.