The Application Process and Social Media

Project description: 

Due to digitalisation and the rise of social media, companies are able to use social media platforms to present themselves and to make and/or to keep contact with (potential) customers. Furthermore, companies use social media platforms (e.g., Facebook) to contact potential job applicants. However, social media also provides companies the possibility to research job applicants and thereby to obtain a much more complete picture than as if only looking at the applicant´s résumé and references. In this context, the project participants will work their way into the topic and will conduct a qualitative/quantitative survey among university students to identify the students´ awareness of this potential threat as well as to research the students´ use of social media within the application process.

Required skills: To participate in the project, advanced knowledge in empirical research is required, whereby students from all disciplines and levels (Master and PhD students) are welcome.