Analyzing and Defending Web-Tracking

Project description: 

This project addresses the challenge of Web-Tracking and its privacy implications/threats. The goal is to understand the functionality of Web-Tracking as well as the impact of anti-tracking tools. For analysis, Lightbeam and a given set of data protection tools should be used.

First, understand and interpret the visualization of Lightbeam. Then, study the collection of trackers, their interrelation, the correlation of trackers and behavior. Therefore, an adequate test setting has to be elaborated. Afterwards, different anti-tracking tools are installed and the same Websites are visited. The challenge is to understand the impact of the anti-tracking tools on the collection of trackers. Again, Lightbeam is to be interpreted accordingly.

Required Skills/Disciplines: Analytic skills, all disciplines. Remark: Project will be adapted to the participant’s qualifications/disciplines.