We blocked a number of beds in various hotels, dormitories and hostels around the venue, but only for a limited time. Keep in mind that you will have to do the booking by yourself and that accommodation costs are not included in the summer school fee.

Here is a list of accommodations. Follow the links for detailed descriptions.

Price Distance Blocked rooms Blocked until
Haus Providentia € 32 (single room) 1.60km 10 single 10 April
Ghotel Hotel € 89 (single room), € 121 (double room) 4.00km 15 single, 15 double 29 April
Hotel van Werth € 45–52 (single room), € 65–79 (double room) 3.60km 4 single, 3 double 30 April
Kolpinghaus Koblenz € 34 per person (three or four beds per room) 2.50km 2 three and 1 four person rooms 30 April
Hotel B&B € 61,50 (single room), € 81 (double room) 2.80km 20 single, 5 double 30 April